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Cluster Round Amethyst Pear Shaped Pendant & Chain in 9ct Yellow Gold

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About This Item

A cluster of bright peridot gemstones, gracefully hang from a timeless golden tear drop pendant. This pendant comes with a matching 9ct yellow gold 45cm / 18inch chain.

Gemstone Information

Amethyst was believed by Greeks to be coloured with the tears of Dionysus. Diamond is 1 of the 4 'precious' gemstones.

Amethyst is the February birthstone, and is the traditional gemstone gift used to mark a 6th anniversary. Diamond is the April birthstone, and is used to mark a 10th and 60th anniversary.

In ancient Greece, Amethyst was believed to prevent you from becoming drunk.

Jewellery Collection

Gemondo's Classic Style Collection emulates timeless styles using jewellery making techniques perfected for the modern day. Add an touch of colour and sparkle to a special occasion, or just an elegant yet subtle piece for everyday wear.

Product Code 135P1909019
Dimensions Width - 6mm
Height - 9mm
Material 375 9ct Yellow Gold
Gemstone Details 9 x Amethyst - 0.21ct - Round Cut - 2.7mm | 1.5mm
Gemstone Country of Origin Brazil