Tanzanite Engravable Ring in Sterling Silver

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About This Item

This Sterling Silver Ring is designed so that you can engrave a custom message onto it, making it completely unique. The Ring is tipped with a beautiful Tanzanite gemstone.

Gemstone Information

Tanzanite is found in a country that shares a similar name to the stone, Tanzania.
As a birthstone, tanzanite represent December birthdays.

Jewellery Collection

Our engraving collection is designed so that you can make these pieces of jewellery your own by adding a custom message or motive to the engravable areas. All these items are designed to be sleek and fashionable.

Product Code 270R059410925
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone Details 1 x Tanzanite – 0.01ct – Round – 1.20mm
Gemstone Origin Tanzanite – Tanzania