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Rainbow Wishbone Anello Arcobaleno Osso della Fortuna in argento sterling 925 stile

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About This Item

A playful rainbow ring embellished with multicolour gemstones of amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, tsavorite, peridot and topaz. This sterling silver wishbone ring style adds a pop of colour to your ring stack repertoire.

Jewellery Collection

The Rainbow Collection celebrates living life in colour. Encrusted with a variety of multicoloured stones, each sterling silver and gold plated jewellery design has been crafted to bring joy and show love. Layer up and stack your rainbow jewellery favourites and let the fun begin.

Product Code 270R060601925
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone Details 1 x Amethyst - 0.032ct - Round - 1.50mm
1 x Pink Tourmaline - 0.051ct - Round - 1.50mm
1 x Citrine- 0.032ct - Round - 1.50mm
1 x Tsavorite - 0.036ct - Round - 1.50mm
1 x Swiss Blue Topaz - 0.034ct - Round - 1.50mm
1 x London Blue Topaz - 0.034ct - Round - 1.50mm
1 x Peridot - 0.032ct - Round - 1.50mm
Gemstone Origin Peridot - China
Tourmaline - Africa
Citrine - Brazil
Tsavorite - Tanzania
Topaz - Brazil
Amethyst - Brazil