Kosmos Oval Citrine & Opal Necklace in Gold Plated Sterling Silver

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About This Item

A lovely simple quartz and topas necklace in gold plated sterling silver.

Gemstone Information

Sunny citrine is a refreshing kind of yellow and orange quartz gemstone. This bright and zesty gem takes its name from the French for citrus fruit. As a birthstone, along with topaz, citrine represents those with November birthdays.
Compared to burning sunsets and otherwordly star systems, opal gemstones contain flashes of kaleidoscopic colours that need to be seen to be believed. Loved by many for their uniqueness, no two opal stones are ever the same. As birthstones, pearls represent June birthdays and opals represent October birthdays.
Pearls are also often traditionally given as 3rd anniversary gifts and opals as 14th anniversary gifts.

Product Code T1054N90W050
Material Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Gemstone Details Opal - Citrine