Floral Round Diamond Ixora Flower Single Stone Pendant in 9ct Yellow Gold

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About This Item

A nature-inspired 9ct yellow gold pendant featuring a central round diamond within a floral design that emulates the tropical West Indian Jasmine flower, also known as Ixora.

Gemstone Information

Diamonds are much loved for their captivating sparkle and strength which is why they are often shared in the most romantic gestures. With a name derived from the ancient Greek 'adamas' meaning invincible, it is clear as to why diamonds have become a symbol of eternal love.
Diamonds are April birthstones and diamond jewellery pieces are often given as traditional 10th and 60th anniversary gifts.

Jewellery Collection

Flower rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are in bloom with precious and semi-precious gems. Discover nature-inspired jewellery motifs and Art Nouveau style with faceted petals and carved gemstones in Gemondo's floral designs.

Product Code 191P0702019
Dimensions Width - 9mm
Height - 10mm
Material 9ct Yellow Gold 375 Hallmarked
Gemstone Details 1 x Diamond - 0.01ct - Round - 1.5mm
Gemstone Country of Origin Diamond - India