Classic Round Garnet Checkerboard & Diamond Bale Pendant in 9ct Yellow Gold

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About This Item

A subtle pendant with a round checkerboard cut faceted garnet gemstone and diamond decorations, set in beautiful 9ct yellow gold. This pendant comes with a matching 9ct yellow gold chain.

Gemstone Information

Garnet gets its name from the 14th century word 'gernet', which translate to simply mean 'dark red'.

Diamond makes a perfect gift for an April birthstone, or a 10th & 60th anniversary.

Garnet is the official gemstone for the January birthstone, and is the traditional gift for a 2nd anniversary.

Jewellery Collection

Gemondo's Classic Style Collection emulates timeless styles using jewellery making techniques perfected for the modern day. Add an touch of colour and sparkle to a special occasion, or just an elegant yet subtle piece for everyday wear.