Classic Pear Garnet & Marcasite Halo Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver

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About This Item

A beautiful tear drop shaped garnet gemstone, surrounded by a circle of marcasite. This pendant comes with a matching sterling silver 45cm chain.

Gemstone Information

Garnet is said to symbolize friendship, with the legend that gifting a garnet to someone would guarantee and everlasting relationship.

Garnet is the assigned gemstone for a January birthstone, and is the perfect gift to give for a 2nd anniversary.

Garnet comes in six different 'families', each with their unique colour such as green or orange, but red is the most popular of all the colours.

Jewellery Collection

Gemondo's Classic Style Collection emulates timeless styles using jewellery making techniques perfected for the modern day. Add an touch of colour and sparkle to a special occasion, or just an elegant yet subtle piece for everyday wear.

Product Code 214P303206925
Dimensions Width - 11mm
Height - 17mm
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone Details 1 x Garnet - 0.50ct - Pear Cut - 6x4mm
26 x Marcasite - 0.338ct - Round Cut - 1.2mm
Gemstone Country of Origin Garnet - Africa
Marcasite - Austria