Anello di fidanzamento con effetto alone in oro bianco da 9 ct, 0,448 ct con zaffiro e diamante

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About This Item

This elegant 9ct gold ring, featuring a stunning large Sapphire gem surrounded by a halo of diamonds, will instantly add a touch of sparkle and colour to your fingers. Thinking of popping the question? This intricately crafted 9ct gold engagement ring will get you a yes!

Gemstone Information

The exceptional blue hues of Sapphires have attracted many to this gemstone for thousands of years. Often associated with dignity and loyalty, Sapphires are one of the most durable gemstones around and one of the few gemstones that come in a rainbow of colours. Sapphire birthstones are for September birthdays and are traditional 5th anniversary gifts. One of the strongest elements in the world, Diamonds are famous for their amazing beauty and durability – perfect to give as a big most romantic gesture. Diamonds are the birthstones of April and are traditionally given as 10th anniversary gifts.

Jewellery Collection

Bring a touch of old world glamour to the modern day with the Gemondo Art Nouveau inspired collection. This range celebrates this iconic art movement through nature-inspired, asymmetrical designs paired with colourful gemstones.

Product Code 149R2752019
Material 9ct Gold
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